Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unexplained Bonds!!

Some bonds run deeper.They are inexplicable just like the other gamut of emotions that keep on surging inside.What is it that ties us in the Battalion together?What makes this bond grow stronger with each passing day?Why is my 19-20 year old jawan ready to die on my orders?Why do the veteran soldiers(with 20-25 years battlefield experience)obey my command unflinchingly and without any iota of doubt?What makes him follow me through rain,hail,snow or storm without even a murmur of discontent?What makes him offer me his scarce water even when both of us are equally tired?What drives him to help me share my problems with him without even asking me to listen to his?Why does he impose so much faith in my orders even when I'm not sure of the outcome while giving them?Inspite of all the heroics he's done and never been rewarded,irrespective of the fact that he could not be with his ailing mother on her deathbed or see the face of his newborn for months together,he's ready to jump into a hail of enemy machine gun fire - Just because I ordered him to do so...???He's not my blood relative neither my friend,but will still take a bullet for me in the chest.

Every night before I sleep I ask Lord to make me worthy of the men I serve,worthy of their loyalty and devotion to duty,their ever willingness and ready laughter,their great humility,that asks so little and gives me so much,so readily without complaint.Grant their simple wishes Lord and bless them please,for in this world no better soldiers breathe than the men under me!!

P.S maybe i'm getting a li'l too emotional but what the heck!! Could it be coz I"m moving to a hostile & sensitive location soon?....I for one have no answers!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Behind the scenes!!!

Tats my work station....!!

Tats wat I'm actually doing!!!


Now that 2009 is towards its fag end I’ve been remenescing about the year gone by. Some facts the ‘Viper’ feels should be known to his friends,followers,well wishers and probable gf’s! *wink*


5. Completing my commando course and coming out of “HELL”(refer to my previous blog – The Commando chronicles) to see the light of civilization again.

4. Cheering for Barcelona and spraying Man U fans with beer during UEFA Champions League finals.

3. Getting sloshed and waking up the next day with faint memories of the previous night.

2. Watching ‘How I met your Mother’ over and over again till my laptop crashed.

1. Hear Katherine Heigl say ‘COCK’ in The Ugly Truth.


5. Have a truce with my cousin sisters.

4. Getting front row seats in a strip club.

3. That would mean going to Vegas!

2. Making out with Sarah Palin & Carla Bruni……… the same time!! *sigh*

1. Residing close to TOTO’s (my fav watering hole in recent times).


5. Parul Kapoor – my friends ex who dumped him unceremoniously.
(@Karan…..take solace from the fact that she’s #5. If you still didn’t have that soft spot for her buddy she cud’ve moved up a couple of notches.)

4. Hugh Hefner - For sleeping with every hot busty babe in sight. Yeah….yeah I’m a sore loser!!

3. Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab – Need I say more??

2. Impotent politicians who refused to give the Army the green signal post 26/11.


P.S Keeping in view how grouchy I’ve been turning since the past few days….this list is expected to grow longer!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trauma's of Not being a BoyFriend!!

I've heard a lot of cliches about stereotypical boy-girl behaviour.Experiencing them first hand experience in itself!

I've tried (that would be a very subtle word) to impress girls. I've gone out of my way to help them so that they can realise and possibly recognise my coexistence on this planet. I mean,come on,haven't we all tried a li'l hard to impress that cutie(boy/girl)in school, college, train, bus, church, restaurant? Well, I claim to be different but unfortunately I dont enjoy opera's, like gardening or play the guitar( I own one though) short...I'm an average search of his Miss Right(I prefer Miss Right over a Miss Perfect).

I've been in & out of crushes during which I'm a total gibbering idiot(and that
absolutely doesnt go with my tough Army guy image). Growing up on a staple diet of romantic movies like Casablanca , Wedding Singer ,When Harry met Sally, Serendipity & the likes I expected to bump into my soulmate in a coffee shop, a bus journey, a book exhibition or the local pub. But this never happened. Well not one to be outdone by the quirks of fate I decided to manipulate my way into a relationship. Before boarding the train I would scan the reservation list for F20, F22, F25..... , in a coffee shop I would read Salman Rushdie(not that I dont read Salman Rushdie, but reading it in a coffee shop while sipping cappuccino seemed cool at that time) , would go for an early morning jog wearing a Rbk short,Adidas Tees,Nike shoes & Puma socks rather than my normal track lower & simple Tees. Well...well...well...,all that branded clothing,pseudo intellectual looks and sophisticated vocabulary failed to impress even a single girl in sight.

Dragging my already battered & bruised ego I went back to being normal - the real unevolved ME! And imagine my delight when I actually started making female friends, who liked hanging out with me. I developed a crush on one such female acquantaince(name witheld coz she has real high heeled sandals). We gelled and got along really well. Things were going fine until I told her I had this huge crush on her. Imagine my disappointment when she confided in a common friend(who later gossiped this to me),"He's a nice guy to hang around with...but he's not boyfriend material!" Not a 'boyfriend material?' What the hell is that supposed to mean? Is it that she wanted a 'non-friend' as a boyfriend? But arent we
all more compatible with a friend than with a stranger? Did she think I was gay?

I'm 23,still single and strongly convinced that I'm gonna end up single(largely due to the fact that women havent shown interest in me for the past 23 years and will not in the next 23 too).But till then, I'll be trying to 'gather' these "boyfriend like qualities"
I never give up, do I??..till then adios!!!