Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost in translation!!


Kulbhushansingh said...

Firstly, although I always knew you wrote well, I never knew you were so good. I felt like I was actually there watching you and your friends in the balcony and finally at the ball.

Secondly please don't take too long to to pen down the rest of the story.

aru said...

i don tink u r a hopeless romantic at all....sheetal wud b d luckiest gal 2 have been wit u. a story in which i got involved n i wished dat u wud have written d latter part. well written with all ur emotions poured in.... keep writing

Blueberry Bubble :D said...

this is the best thing i have read on blogger since a verrrrryyy long time!
*ahem ahem* nice to know that u r close to being normal too.
just the other day u said u couldn't be mushy and well now all i can say is sheetal is a lucky girl :)

PS: write the next part asap! cant wait.