Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just another day in 'PARADISE'!!

I just finished a book - 'Ofcourse I Love you.....till I find someone better' by Durjoy Datt and Manvi Ahuja. Nothing spectacular about the book but there has been an attempt to portray the gen X and their wild lifestyles. Totally a mediocre book....definitely not in the league of 'Five point someone'. The protagonist and his friends(both male & female) are some kind of sex raging machines hunting down one prey after another. Reading it made me conscious of my own inability
(read opportunity) to indulge in such promiscous behaviour. The protagonist almost
gets laid wherever he goes. it that easy? Or is this just another attempt by IIT/IIM grads to derive sadistic pleasure by describing explicit details of my generations sexual escapades(also known as sexcapades) so that guys like me who arent so cool or who dont indulge in promiscuity are pushed to the edge of an unending pit of inferiority complex.

Another totally pointless thing in my life happening at around this time is the phone talk I have with a girl I dont even like. These late night phone convo's started as harmless flirting but we ended up talkin mush recently.Things started taking an ugly turn when in a drunken stupor I started getting thoughts of committing to her(Gasp!).Just when I was gonna call her I received
a msg which read 'Wassup?'. This was the breaking point - the quirk of fate! For the past fortnight whenever she wanted me to call (which was generally at late nights)this was the msg she sent.My msg inbox was flooded with only this word from the past fortnight. I mean, come on....
cant you get just a bit original...
a li'l bit creative in atleast initiating the conv.
My drunken stupor was immediately broken(a dumb girls msg works as an antidote to these drunken fits of romance). I switched my phone off and went to sleep with a smile on my face. After all, it is not everyday that one has such narrow escapes.

Just the other day, me & a junior decided to go for a movie - 'Love Aaj kal'. At the very last minute the junior was called for something much more important(read girlfriend). So now I was stuck with two tickets for a movie which seemed mushy. Another friend and his gf were coming for the same show. So I asked him to get another female for the movie. Wat started out as a request ended up with me pleading,convincing and finally asking him to get somebody.He flatly
refused. Sheesh! much for friendship.So I finally watched three hours of Saif-Deepika intimacy and their antics, all ALONE!..I swear I could've switched on my phone and blared the song "Lonely.....I am soo lonely" right in the middle of the theatre. To add to my misery I could hear(I preferred not to watch) girls giggling as their bf's acted 'naughty'. I could hear whispering and I imagined that they all were laughing at me sitting all alone(with my bike helmet resting on the vacant seat). Were they??....I'm not sure....the movie was strictly average(since I couldnt relate to any part - neither the falling in love part nor the falling
out of love part). 'Hangover' seen the previous night was much better since I could relate to it(minus the strippers ofcourse).....well...born in the wrong country it seems...huh??


Kulbhushansingh said...

Best seller

soudaminee said...

hahaha, nice post.....

karan said...

ya!!! i agree.... virginty isn't dignity but the lack of oppurtunity.. but i think its the iit/iim tag that gets u laid.. we just aren't that smart...

and about the wassup girl... i m counting "u dodging the bullet" as one of my greatest achievements of all times... you're welcome..

juthika said...

The 'wassup girl' is definitely not dumb!! She is just one of the many cunning predators who hunt guys for that "emotional support" (often sought for by girls aft a break-off wid their bf) which ends up with the girl gettin her dose of mush talk every nite n the poor single guy paying heavy phone bills :)
Note: BEWARE of this species called "just broke-off"

Blueberry Gumlin :D said...

haha i read the book too.
like long back
when my vactions were on and i was on cheesy books spree
nice post
cheers :)

Blueberry Gumlin :D said...

PS: love aaj kal sucked too.
stupid concept
i dont understand why did they call it different and all that :\

Apparently Intellectual said...

Whoa! i wanted to comment(which in any case i did) but then i read juthika's comment. :| No emotional support required. Whatsoever.