Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally after a long hiatus I'm back(not that people missed me much). But any which ways I'm back to civilisation for a short time. A lot of insignificant things happened as 2009 ended and u couldnt care one bit even if you guys were aware about I'll save you the agony and keep my emotions and feelings locked away.
But looks like 2010 is gonna be beautiful coz it surely has started on that note.

Somehow I'm going through a "writers block"(in other words I've turned too lazy to write). The high I used to get from writing has been replaced by travelling. YES!!!...I have a new passion. I'm planning a trip to a remote village in Himachal and the back waters of Kerala. At the same time I desperately wanna spend time with a special(atleast she's promising to be) person. I have no idea how I'm gonna balance things...but right now I rather not waste time thinkin about the same.
Adios!....and a Happy New Year to all ye beautiful people!!!

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soudaminee said...

hmm...happy new year to you too, and hav a great year ahead!!!