Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Reasons for being a Hopeless Romantic!!!

Knowledge is a tricky thing and I plan to do no harm. But here it goes.

1. The only girls I know are married , cousins , committed or stay in a far off land.

2. The last time a girl smiled at me was on 13 Sep 2008(yeah I remembered the date).It was only later that I realized that my fly was open.

3. My conversation with a girl on the phone :

ME : Hello, wassup??
She : Nothing much…just the regular stuff.
ME : ..and wat else…???
She : nothing yaar…u tell wat else??
ME : nothing here too..
(long pause)
ME : ok then….take care…keep in touch!!
She : bbye!!

4. My scraps to a girl read something like this :

1st week : Hi there!!...watz up??
(no reply)
2nd week : hey there…long time no see!!!
(no reply)
3rd week : hi there… do drop in a scrap!!
(…still no reply)
4th week : they tell me persistence is the key…so here goes..Hiiii!!!
(….still still no reply)..
….u get the picture right??

5. I’ve never been on a date with a girl. The only time I’ve been out with a girl , we’ve been accompanied with our common friends.

6. I don’t have a girlfriend till date.

7. I don’t have a girls pic as my laptop’s screensaver, mobile’s screen saver or in my wallet.

8. The only time I’ve danced with a girl was in my 4th std for the school function.

9. I’m a social outcast , an oddball when it comes to relationships.

10. I’m too lazy to send fwd msgs!!!....

Note : The views held here are solely of the writer and do not resemble him or any other person living or dead in his vicinity. The writer is very much sane and his sexual orientation is in the right spot (bottomline : He’s straight). Any comments pouring sympathy are unsought for.


bloom! said...

i actually fell off laughing from my chair! all at ur expense
lolx! nice one :-P

vipers den said...

thanx peru!!!

Gaurav said...

nice... ur story coincides with many others on the planet... dont get too discouraged by that thought... I hope this fact cheers you up that a girl linked me to ur blog!!!

tomboyadi said...

no sympathy...n no offense either......but dis one was hilarious...!! ;D

Apparently Intellectual said...

nice actually made me smile dil se!